Vendor Information

How do vendors participate in WMC market activities?
Vendors are members of the Waccamaw Market Cooperative are allowed to participate in any market activity sponsored by WMC subject to approved application.

What are the advantages of WMC membership?
All of the resources generated through market fees and sponsorships are directly allocated to onsite management, equipment, and advertising functions of the market. By pooling resources from multiple locations, WMC markets pursue a consolidated marketing/ branding strategy that would be significantly diminished if each market functioned in isolation. In addition WMC markets benefit from coordinated operations that attempt to ensure that market dates, times, and locations do not overlap in a manner that results in the markets competing with one another. Such coordination is not only good for vendors but also market consumers who can count on participating in a unique, high quality experience on multiple days of the week throughout the region.

Apply below to become a WMC member:

By submitting you agree to the following:

Agreement to abide by the Waccamaw Market Cooperative Regulations:
a. I have read and agree to abide by the 2021 Market Vendor Guidelines.
b. The information I have provided in this application is accurate and complete.
c. I will provide the Waccamaw Market Cooperative Board of Directors with additional information as needed to verify the claims made in this application and my compliance with the rules. The information I subsequently provide will likewise be accurate and complete.

Use of Waccamaw Market Cooperative Market Sites:
a. I agree to sell at approved location/s only on the day(s) the market is scheduled, unless I receive written authorization to the contrary.
b. I understand that while the Market Cooperative obtains permits, reserves designated spaces and promotes markets, Waccamaw Market Cooperative cannot guarantee market assignments or minimum sales at any market.

Suspension and Termination:
Unless otherwise specified in Waccamaw Market Cooperative Regulations, any violation of this agreement may result in suspension or termination of membership from the Waccamaw Market Cooperative at the discretion of the Board of Directors.